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Breeze Blast

Breeze Blast

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Elbow & Sholder Protection
Spine Back Protection
Availble Color

Meet the BreezeBlast Moto shirt, the perfect fusion of style and functionality for riders who demand both performance and fashion on the road. Crafted from fully ventilated mesh fabric with a stylish plaid design, this shirt not only keeps you cool but also ensures you stand out from the crowd.. Plus, it's got DuPont Kevlar® reinforcements at the spine, shoulders, and elbows to help it stay strong if you slide. And there's more! It comes with removable protectors for your spine, shoulders, and elbows, approved for safety. So, whether you're cruising or hitting the road hard, the BreezeBlast got your back, literally, keeping you safe and looking cool..

o    Abrasion resistant mesh frame.  
o    Removable C.E. Level-II approved shoulder and elbow armors.
o    Removable C.E. Level-I approved spine.
o    Zippered hand warmer pockets
o    Snap pockets at chest
o    Waterproof device pocket
o    Included an internal gun pocket.
o    Shoulder expansion gussets
o    Belt loops for pant attachment
o    Snap down collar
o    Reflective trim

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Protective Layer

The Rusty Rebel sounds like a rugged and stylish choice for riders who prioritize both safety and aesthetics. Its blend of materials, including the DuPont Kevlar® inner layer, offers exceptional protection against damage and abrasion, crucial for any rider navigating unpredictable roads. The addition of breathable certified armor for the back, shoulders, and elbows ensures comprehensive protection without compromising comfort, making it suitable for long rides even in warm weather. It seems like the Rusty Rebel has everything a rider needs to feel confident and secure on the road while turning heads with its unique style

Additional Airflow & Reflection

Engineered for maximum airflow and comfort, Say goodbye to sweat-soaked rides with our innovative design that prioritizes breathability and moisture-wicking properties. Stay focused and fresh on the road while enjoying unparalleled freedom of movement.

Whether you're cruising through city streets or embarking on an epic adventure, our mesh fabric motorcycle shirts are your go-to choice for style, performance, and comfort.
The reflector piping on our motorcycle shirt reflects light from headlights, streetlights, and other sources, making you more conspicuous on the road and reducing the risk of accidents.


The shirt was designed with attention to detail. It features a simple cut complemented by aesthetic elements. The collar and cuffs are fastened with snap buttons to prevent unnecessary flapping while riding and to allow airflow without disturbance. Additionally, in your favorite version of the motorcycle shirt, the zipper flap is secured with snap buttons.

Waterproof Device Pocket

Introducing our latest innovation: the shirt/jeans equipped with a waterproof device pocket. The primary benefit is safeguarding your electronic devices from water damage. Whether you're caught in unexpected rain during your ride, splashed by water during outdoor activities, or accidentally spill a drink, a waterproof pocket ensures your device remains dry and functional.

Gun Pocket

The gun pocket conceal feature adds an extra layer of functionality in our shirts.It provides riders with a discreet and secure compartment to carry a firearm,

CE Type Shirt

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Joshua Gosnell
Skeptical but chance it

Was skeptical about getting this jacket, glad I did, fit is good, seems to be a nice summer jackets like others that are being shown online. Chanced it to save the money on very similar jackets. Over all happy with the product and didn’t take long to get at all even from overseas.